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DANSK ANEARKIV (Danish Ancestor Archives) consist of information on persons born before 1950. The information has been registered partly as text, database and Gedcom-files. The information about these persons can include date of birth, dearth and wedding, information on parents, spouse, children etc.

 DANSK ANEARKIV is based on information from approx. 600 sources (kilder) such as books on family history, family history researchers (genealogists) records, parish registers, censuses, land registrations etc. (see list of sources  (kilder) ).

 DANSK ANEARKIV is available on CD-ROM.

DANSK ANEARKIV is free of charge if you are able to send me a Gedcom-file with your own records (at lease 500 person born more that 100 years ago).  Your recordings will become part of DANSK ANEARKIV.



 To buy Dansk Anearkiv:

If you want to buy Dansk Anearkiv from an other country then Denmark is the price  $ 75, - prepair or cash on delivery. Send me an e-mail and I will let you know which bank account to transfer the money to. You can olså med me a check on $ 75.



DANSK ANEARKIV is continuously updated with new persons. The price of the update 2$if you send me your old CD-ROM containing DANSK ANEARKIV. To get the update for free, you must send me anotheregistration of a complete parish converted into a GEDCOM-file.


Kings, princes, nobles.

DANSK ANEARKIV can offer you a CD-ROM containing 98,000 names of princes, nobles or persons associated with nobles or princes. Price DKK 100,-.


Mail adress:

 knudhaaning(Snabel a)


Invidual genealogical tables: 

DANSK ANEARKIV offers to work out genealogical tables for individuals. Price $2,- per pair of ancestors.

Bach to Dansk Anearkivt